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Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches

Do Stoptober with the help of our tobacco free nicotine pouches

If you’re looking to take part in Stoptober, you can still get your nicotine hit with the help of our tobacco free nicotine pouches.

AtBuy Nicotine Pouches our pouches leave out the nicotine and give you that much needed nicotine hit.

Offering a simple and easy way to stop smoking, all you need to do is place the pouch between your gum and lip and let the pouch do the rest. It works by slowly releasing nicotine into your blood stream, and you get the added benefit of choosing a pleasant flavour of your choice to go along with it.

We can offer you:

Depending on the level you currently smoke will depend on what strength you’ll need.

You can also mix and match on all pouches:

  • 5% OFF Any 3 Pouches
  • 7% OFF Any 6 Pouches
  • 10% OFF Any 10 Pouches

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