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About Us

Why did we start

We are 2 guys who want to help the world's smokers find healthier alternatives to cigarettes - hopefully helping them quit cigarettes for good. 

One way or the other, we've been working to achieve this since 2012. Combined, we have more than 30 years of experience in the broader nicotine space, and like you, we understand the harmful effects of smoking and other tobacco products. 

We're convinced that nicotine pouches will play a very positive role in the journey to help smokers quit cigarettes, and we encourage you to replace your cigarettes with tobacco-free nicotine pouches. 

We've spent more than a year researching the segment. We discovered that it's challenging for you to consistently get fast and reliable deliveries of high quality, fresh nicotine pouch brands in the United Kingdom. Let alone from a serious company that's actually based in and operating out of the UK.

Fast forward three years, we proudly stand as the largest multi-pouch retailer in the UK, boasting an impressive inventory of 150+ nicotine pouches. This expansive range showcases our dedication to offering diverse options to our valued customers.

To make sure that you can always find high quality and fresh products that arrive where and when you want them. To demonstrate how important that is to us, we deliver for free to anywhere in the UK - whether you order 1 or 60 cans! After all, without a reliable and trusted place to buy nicotine pouches from, how are you confidently going to take that important first step away from cigarettes?

High-quality snus brands

We've been asked by many of you why we don't also sell high-quality snus brands (pronounced 'snoos' and defined by Google as "... moist powdered tobacco, typically held in the mouth between lips and gums …")?

Good question. Part of the answer is that it's because it's against the law to retail snus in the UK. Just as importantly, we're steering away from snus because it's made from Tobacco, and as a result, it contains many of the same compounds you'll find in a cigarette.

Nicotine pouches don't! They're completely free of tobacco and have so many benefits compared to snus (and vaping, for that matter).

Our products are always fresh

We store all of our nicotine pouches in locations that are maintained at a constant and low temperature away from sunlight (a bit like fine wine, if you will). This is the best way to aid freshness and maintain flavours, ensuring that you always get great tasting nicotine pouches every time you order from

Fast shipping times to UK, EU & the world

Our Company is located in greater London (inside the M25), where your orders are picked, packed, and shipped. Thanks to this optimum location, our shipping times are swift. In most cases, especially in the UK and the EU, you'll get your order the very next day.