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The Nordic Spirit is alive and kicking

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This weekend I decided to walk the full length of Portobello Road and to roam around Notting Hill a bit. Call it post lockdown syndrome of some sort. I just wanted to be amongst people, and I thought what better place to start?

After a couple of hours of roaming around I found myself at the Notting Hill Gate tube station. Thirsty and feeling like something sweet I entered the off license on the corner of Pembridge Road and Bayswater Road.

On approaching the counter, I noticed a well-placed dispenser for Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches. Wow I thought to myself… if nicotine pouches are becoming available in off licenses around London, then it must be true that the category is growing at warp speed.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help having a chat with the store owner and asked him how sales were going and whether his customers were aware what nicotine pouches are? He needed no coaching but went straight into the many benefits of nicotine pouches versus vaping and in particular how beneficial they are proving to be to those of his customers who are trying to quit cigarettes.

It was a very motivational way to end my walk. I had no intention of ‘working’ over the weekend, but when you’re met with enthusiasm, validation and real life evidence that you’re involved with something that can do lots of good, it’s hard not to get into the ‘Nordic Spirit’ of things.

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