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Looking for alternative nicotine products?

Then try our nicotine pouches that many people use to help curb pesky cravings. Made from natural cellulose fibres, similar to paper, our pouches are placed between your gums and lips inside your mouth for up to 60 minutes.

Throughout this time, the saliva activates the nicotine through your bloodstream and you get an even dose that eases your cravings and gives you a flavour to enjoy.

AtBuy Nicotine Pouches you can choose from a range of nicotine pouches that vary in strength and flavour

Depending on how much you are used to smoking will depend on what strength you choose, as well as how much of a nicotine hit you’re looking to get.

You can choose from:

We also have a whole host of wonderful flavours such as drinks flavours, tropical flavours, classic tobacco flavours and much more.

To shop our full range of alternative nicotine products that can help you to overcome your nicotine habit, take a look around our website and buy today.

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