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Alternative Nicotine Products

Try our alternative nicotine products when you want to quit smoking for good

Are you tired of quitting smoking and turning to patches? Do you grow bored of the tasteless gum? Maybe you’ve tried just about everything to stop smoking, only to return within weeks? If you want to try an alternative nicotine product that has helped many people stop smoking for good, we are here to help.

AtBuy Nicotine Pouches we offer an alternative way to quitting smoking that doesn’t involve vaping, gum, patches or going cold turkey.

Instead, our pouches are filled with a large number of tiny granules that hold onto the nicotine and flavourings, and once your saliva meets them, they are released into your body to relieve any cravings you may have.

By simply placing the pouches between your gum and lips, you can benefit from them for up to 60 minutes as your cravings melt away.

On our website you can find a whole host of pouches to choose from that vary in strength and flavour. However you wish to personalise your experience, you can do so via our website where you can get free shipping on all UK orders.

To place your order, follow the steps on our website where all our pouches are £5.99 or less.