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Why do footballers use Snus

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Why do footballers use Snus

The use of snus by footballers has recently come under scrutiny and interest. In the past few years, footballers have incorporated snus, a moist tobacco product placed under the upper lip, into their routines. Brands such as Pablo and Killa have become very popular among them. As a result, they are frequently questioned about why they incorporate this habit into their lives. Our blog explores the possible factors driving the prevalence of snus use among football players in this post.

Nicotine enhances performance. There is a perception that snus improves performance among footballers. Tobacco contains nicotine, a stimulant that increases alertness, concentration, and reaction time. The level of cognitive function and physical stamina of athletes competing at the highest level can make a difference on the pitch. This is even if only marginally improved.

Reduces tension and encourages calmness. The high demands and continual scrutiny of professional football makes stress and anxiety common issues. Football players can benefit using snus by using it to unwind and decrease the impact of stressful games and practice.

Simple, discrete, and effortless to access. It's not acceptable to smoke in most places, but snus is odourless and may be ingested quietly in stadiums and training centres. If you're a football player searching for a discreet way to get a nicotine fix on the go, this is an excellent substitute.

Professional footballers who frequently use Nicotine Pouches were approximately 30% in a recent survey. The cost of access and the ease of access were the two most significant factors here. Furthermore, professional footballers' cultural acceptance of snus is fundamental. Because it does not release the same dangerous substances as smoking, snus is a healthier option.

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