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What are the best nicotine pouches to buy in 2023

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best nicotine pouches 2023

Nicotine pouches are one of the best and most effective alternatives to smoking and can be the perfect remedy for your cigarette habit. Nicotine pouches can be used anywhere, anytime and are extremely discreet, which is why many prefer pouches to vaping. However, with such a vast range of options; from different flavours to a variety of strengths, the world of nicotine pouches can be quite confusing. 

To make your life easier, we’ve highlighted the best nicotine pouches to buy and why they can be the perfect way to help you quit smoking. 

Killa Nicotine Pouches 

Killa nicotine pouches, also known as Killapods and Killa nicopods, are a hugely popular choice among nicotine pouch users and come in a variety of excellent flavours. Killa pouches are known for their high nicotine strength, therefore we recommend them for heavy smokers (10+ cigarettes a day) or experienced pouch users. 

Killa pouches are designed to be discreet and slim, and contain tobacco-free nicotine to help stave off your cravings. Killa originates from Scandinavia, the home of nicotine pouches, and has been a fan favourite for years. Each stylish and ergonomic can contains 20 pouches, offering fantastic value for money. 

77 Nicotine Pouches

77 Nicotine Pouches are the first brand to come out of Poland and they have hit the road running.  Popular for their huge range of flavours, 77 are guaranteed to rival the bigger brands in the coming years

With nicotine strengths from mild to extra strong, 77 nicotine pouches are perfect for all kinds of users. Whether you’re just starting out or have been using pouches for years, there’s a choice among this selection for you! 

The slim pouches fit perfectly under your lip and release a delicious concoction of fruity, candy or whatever flavour you enjoy the most!

Ice Nicotine Pouches 

If the menthol cigarette ban left a void in your life that you’ve been trying to fill ever since, then you’re in luck thanks to Ice nicotine pouches. Iceland’s first and only pouch manufacturer, Ice is famous for its minty fresh flavours with fruity twists. Ice prides itself on using the highest-quality materials and their immaculate standards result in an exquisite nicotine experience. 

With flavours such as Cool Mint, Liquorice Reaper and Lemon Berry, Ice has truly made the effort to create a pouch that suits all kinds of palates. Perfect for menthol smokers or fans of everything minty fresh, Ice nicotine pouches can be a fantastic addition to your pouch collection.

VELO Nicotine Pouches

VELO Nicotine Pouches are a simple and effective way of satisfying your nicotine cravings. Unlike other brands that value jazzy packaging over quality products, VELO comes in a simple and sleek can that’s perfect for carrying around when on the go. As the saying goes – it’s what’s inside that counts and VELO pouches contain five high-quality, natural ingredients with no unnecessary additives. 

Depending on your taste, there are eight VELO flavours available, ranging from a classic Polar Mint, to a more flamboyant tropic breeze. When it comes to strength, VELO has you covered with low and medium nicotine strength pouches. Whilst not for the hardcore pouch users who crave an intense kick, VELO is and ideal option for those looking for a delicious and satisfying experience. 

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit has been an ever- popular choice in the nicotine pouch world for a number of years now, and for good reason. A global phenomenon, this brand of pouches features a broad selection of nicotine strengths and flavours, Nordic Spirit caters for all preferences. 

Whether you're a fan of mild nicotine pouches, strong or extra-strong nicotine pouches, they have you covered. As always, Nordic Spirit pouches are nicotine-free, so it's all about fighting that craving without all the additional chemicals that are present in tobacco products.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of nicotine pouches, then Nordic Spirit is the perfect brand for you. We recommend starting off at lower nicotine strengths and then experimenting with stronger pouches until you find your preference. 

Where can I buy nicotine pouches?

Now that you’re all up to date with the best nicotine pouches available in the market, all you need to know is where you can buy your favourite pouches. Here at BuyNicotinePouches, we have all of the above nicotine pouches available as well as a range of other fantastic brands. 

For everything that you need to to satisfy your cravings, browse our nicotine pouches and buy your perfect product today. 

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