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Storing Nicotine Pouches

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Storing Nicotine Pouches

Where is the best place to store my nicotine pouches?

Store your nicotine pouches in a cool place away from direct sunlight (room temperature works in most countries, including the UK). A drawer or cupboard is always a good choice as they keep your nicotine pouches away from any light, and generally, they have a stable temperature.

What is the best temperature to store my nicotine pouches at?

Room temperature (18 - 20C) works well for your nicotine pouches if we’re talking about one or two cans. If you’ve bought several weeks or months worth of nicotine pouches, then we recommend storing them in your fridge. The low temperature and darkness in your fridge helps sustain the flavours and the nicotine.

What’s important is that you avoid storing your nicotine pouches somewhere with temperature swings, such as, for instance, your kitchen, which heats typically up while you cook and then cools down again later. Your nicotine pouches prefer a constant temperature!

Can I safely store my can of nicotine pouches in my bag or backpack?

Yes, you can. They don’t leak or drip, so carrying them around with you is no problem at all, including in your various pockets.

Where can I store my used nicotine pouches?

Most brands offer a special compartment for your used pouches built into the lid of your can. You can typically flip this ‘lid in a lid’ up with your fingernails, and most cans will allow you to store 5-6 nicotine pouches here in this special compartment.

Whatever you do, please don’t throw your nicotine pouches on the street or into waterways or other natural areas. Use a bin whenever possible. The last thing we want is for nicotine pouches to replace cigarette butts in our urban and rural landscapes!




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