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Nicotine Pouches are taking off in the UK

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Nicotine Pouches are taking off in the UK

Only 2-3 years ago nicotine pouches were unknown in the UK. This has all changed and they are increasingly being seen in the same retail outlets that sell cigarettes - including some of the national supermarkets.

While nicotine pouches are still a small market when compared to cigarettes and vaping (about £500,000.00 per month by some estimates), it is experiencing extremely high growth. In fact according to market research reports the nicotine pouch market has grown by 70% in 2020 and is continuing to grow at an even higher pace in 2021.

Nicotine Pouches are being recognised as an extremely effective way to exit cigarettes. This is in large part because they fit much better into the modern lifestyle of your average smoker.

Rather than having to go outside and/or leave your workplace to smoke or vape, a nicotine pouch offers you the opportunity to have a ‘nicotine break’ wherever and whenever you feel you need it - including on airplanes!

You don’t need to go anywhere and you certainly aren’t bothering anyone while you’re using a nicotine pouch.

Nicotine pouches originate from Sweden, where the market is massive. The same is the case in the USA, where millions of smokers have discovered the many benefits that nicotine pouches offer when compared to smoking or vaping.

The immediate challenge in the UK will be to continue to grow awareness of these new products amongst the 7-8 million people that continue to smoke and/ or vape.

At we’re committed to helping spread the word and to support the growth of the category.

Working directly with the premium high quality manufacturers our goal is to provide you with the best and freshest products possible.

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