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Buying Snus in the UK

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Buying Snus in the UK

Is Snus legal in the UK?

It remains illegal for UK based retailers (online or traditional) to sell Snus (pronounced: snoos), but in somewhat of a contradiction, it’s perfectly legal to use Snus in the UK.

The fact that you can legally use Snus in the UK but aren’t able to buy it has led several primarily Swedish online retailers to focus their sales efforts on the UK. Before Brexit, this supply channel worked well and was an easy and convenient way for us here in the UK to buy Snus.

Can I buy SNUS in the UK?

To our knowledge, you can’t, at least not directly, from a UK based retailer. This is a great pity as there is ample evidence from Sweden that despite Snus being a tobacco product – it is a less risky alternative when compared to cigarettes.

Can I buy SNUS from other countries and ship it to the UK?

Since Brexit, a large number of these online snus retailers have stopped selling Snus to the UK, given risks around tobacco excise, health warning language, etc., making it increasingly difficult to buy Snus and have it sent to the UK. Some online retailers in Europe / Sweden continue to supply the UK, but we understand that they now pass on the risk of excise tax payments and VAT to their customers in the UK, further raising barriers to discourage you and me from purchasing Snus.

Is there a way around buying Snus in the UK?

Not that we know of. We can say that the moment it becomes legal for retailers to sell Snus in the UK, we intend to make it available here at alongside our already great selection of nicotine pouches.

One benefit of Brexit may be that the UK government no longer has to comply with how the majority of EU countries want to treat Snus (it’s completely banned across the EU with the exception of Sweden). In fact, there was a time when we thought the day that you can be buying Snus legally in the UK would never happen, but precisely because of Brexit, that may well be about to change.

In June of 2020, it was widely reported that in response to a question from Labour, Jo Churchill, a Conservative MP for Bury St Edmunds, said that the UK government “… will consider in due course reviewing the position on snus and whether the introduction of this product onto the UK market would promote a proportionate approach to managing risks … whilst giving smokers access to products which may reduce harm”

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