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Nicotine Replacement Products

Why do so many people choose our nicotine replacement products?

We appreciate that when you want to quit smoking, you may consider patches or gums. Whilst these have their own benefits, we wanted to offer an alternative that is more discreet and more enjoyable.

Our nicotine replacement products offer a fantastic alternative to smoking and vaping, and they work by simply placing between your gums and lips. The pouches contain a number of tiny granules that hold onto the nicotine and flavourings, and when your saliva activates these, you are essentially activating any cravings you’re experiencing.

Have it your way with our nicotine replacement products

On our website you can choose from various strengths depending on how much you currently smoke, as well as endless flavours so you can personalise your experience.

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  • Always low prices
  • Next day delivery for all orders in by 3pm Monday-Friday

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